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And from Guru Bob down @ the temple: “When Damacles crept up to the hilltop and spied the huge camp of Roman soldiers at Byzantium, he muttered to Sirius: “They’ll trouble some of the top sides, this mob.”

Recently accepted: Georgopoulos, M. A., Brewer, N., Lucas, C. A., & Young, R. L. (2022, online ahead of print).  Speed and accuracy of emotion recognition in autistic adults: The role of stimulus type, response format and emotion.  Autism Research.  Lim, A., Young, R. L., & Brewer, N. (2022, online ahead of print).  The effect of… Read more »

Just out – in PPPL, JADD, a JARMAC target article … & more

How similar should lineup fillers be to the suspect? Lucas, C. A., & Brewer, N. (2022).  Could precise and replicable manipulations of suspect-filler similarity optimize eyewitness identification performance?  Psychology, Public Policy and Law, 28(1), 108-122.   A new Theory of Mind (i.e., perspective taking) test for autistic adults – quick to administer & score (&… Read more »

And a few more recent ones

Lucas, C. A., Brewer, N., & Palmer, M. A. (2021).  Eyewitness identification: The complex issue of suspect-filler similarity.  Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 27, 151-169. Palmer, M. A., Brewer, N., Weber, N., & Sauer, J. D. (2021). Eyewitness identifications of multiple culprits: Disconfirming feedback following one lineup decision impairs identification of another culprit.  Psychology, Public… Read more »

Feb 2020 – how to improve police photoarrays and lineups

The paper was commissioned by Division 41 of the American Psychological Association; the 6 authors were invited; and (as well as the normal journal reviewing processes) the various iterations of the manuscript were reviewed in sessions at major international conferences: Wells, G. L., Kovera, M. B., Douglass, A. B., Brewer, N., Meissner, C., & Wixted,… Read more »

Forthcoming article – plus a chapter just out

The article with colleagues at University of Bath (UK) extends our memory research to ASD in a special issue of Autism Research. The chapter focuses on our new ARC-funded research on how perspective taking deficits often seen in ASD individuals may contribute to problematic interactions with the police. Maras, K., Norris, J., & Brewer, N…. Read more »

Couple of new book chapters coming from this crew

Brewer, N., Lucas, C. L., Sauer, J. D., & Palmer, M. A. (in press, August 16, 2020). Measuring the relationship between eyewitness identification confidence and accuracy. In A. Smith, M. Toglia, & J. Lampinen (Eds.), Methods, measures, and theories in eyewitness identification tasks. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis. Sauer, J. D., & Brewer, N…. Read more »

New book out

Book cover and coozie

See new book out in 2019, edited by Neil Brewer & Amy Bradfield Douglass, and published by Guilford Publications, New York. It covers a wide array of topics in the psychology-law area, with chapters written by top researchers in their fields. See reviews from Elizabeth Loftus (UC, Irvine), Saul Kassin (John Jay, CUNY), Michael Lamb… Read more »

And a new discussion paper on the confidence-accuracy relationship for eyewitness identification:


Here Neil Brewer joins Jim Sauer and Matt Palmer, two of his former PhD students, to examine an issue that has attracted a lot of attention recently: the probative value of high confidence eyewitness identifications. There will certainly be a few researchers who won’t agree with their conclusions, but the authors believe the issues canvassed… Read more »

A change of tack … with a new paper in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders


co-authored with colleague Robyn Young, and a product of their new ARC Discovery grant – provides an interesting and new paradigm that permits probing of criminal vulnerability in ASD adults. Young, R. L., & Brewer, N. (2020). Perspective taking deficits, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and allaying police officers’ suspicions about criminal involvement. Journal of Autism and…