Community Engagement

In addition to professional development activities conducted for criminal justice system professionals, Neil Brewer has delivered numerous presentations for community groups and schools. He has provided expert advice on matters related to eyewitness identification testing and memory for procedural reviews of police practices, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse conducted in Australia, and Amicus Curiae briefs prepared in the U.S. He has occasionally accepted invitations to provide expert legal testimony in cases where eyewitness testimony was pivotal and problematic procedures that are likely to have compromised the evidence are indicated. He has also provided specialist advice on issues associated with driver reaction times in road traffic accidents. His research at Flinders has stimulated a large number of radio, television and newspaper interviews, spanning:

  • ABC and commercial radio and television throughout the country
  • ABC television’s Catalyst
  • Australian and overseas newspapers
  • International publications such as The Economist, Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal
  • Radio National’s Law Report